Traveler Pencil 12 Pack

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Traveler Pencil 12 Pack
Traveler Pencil Set features two each of our favorite 6 travel-inspired pencils. Great reminder to take little journeys and have adventures as often as possible... not matter how grand or how simple... adventure awaits.

- Enjoy the Journey, 2
- Explore the Open Road, 2
- Explore. Dream. Discover., 2.
- Adventure Awaits, 2
- I want To Go To There, 2
- Embrace the Detours, 2

• Number 2
• Graphite
• Hexagon Style
• Full size pencil with eraser
• Unsharpened
• Non Toxic
• Latex Free
• Made in USA
• Comes package in a cello sleeve with label
• You will receive 12 Pencils

Colors are not an option with pencils, they only come in the colors mentioned above.