About Us

Earmark Social Goods is a small company founded in 2002, owned and operated by husband and wife team Bridgette Salvon and Mike Berndt. We are artists and craftsmen who are dedicated to sharing our message, Create Happiness!™ Our goal is to create affordable art that anyone can keep in their home or office, and inspire happiness every day.


What We Make

Our products are proudly handmade in America. Our art prints feature original illustrations, designs and photography, and are printed, packaged and shipped from right here in our studio. Our notebooks, party garlands, guest books, and recipe cards are printed and assembled by hand! Many of our products are printed on 100% recycled paper. We love graphic design, typography and illustration, and we hope it shows in our products.

Are you looking for a unique decoration for your office or cubicle? What about affordable kitchen art? Funny school supplies or office supplies? We have it all. Gifts for TV show fans, gifts for movie geeks, college freshmen and recent grads. Our notebooks make great travel journals and bullet journals. We offer unique gift sets that are great for Secret Santa gifts or coworker gift exchange.

If you’re a business or shop owner looking for wholesale information, visit our wholesale page. We also offer special rates for subscription boxes. Contact us for more information! 

Did you know this business was originally started making custom wedding invitations? We do still accept a small number of wedding invitation clients each month. Visit our Wedding Invitations page for more information.


About Bridgette Salvon


Hola, Bridgette here! :) I started this business because I couldn’t find any wedding invitations that were unique enough for our own wedding. So I began designing and making invitations for other weddings. It all began with 1 computer and 1 printer - set up under our loft bed in our 300 square foot apartment in Boston, MA. Mike was back in school for design and I was working at two Boston newspapers as a designer. Although I liked my job I knew I wanted to work for myself. I grew up in a family where my parents had their own business so it was something I had always planned on doing. My love of design, color, paper and typography were strong enough to keep Earmark going long after our wedding invites were mailed out. Today, fifteen years later, I am lucky enough to still be doing what I love. My goal is to bring good design to good people. Come introduce yourself and say hi on Instagram or Facebook, chances are, that’s where you will find me! :) 


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About Mike Berndt


Hi, my name is Mike. I’ve always loved to draw, especially silly pictures of animals. I grew up reading Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes comics every day, and doodling on everything instead of taking notes. I have music playing pretty much all day. Did you order a notebook, garland or wedding guest book? Chances are, it was probably cut, folded and assembled by my two hands. Enjoy!


Our Happy Little Family Thanks you so much for your support!