Road Trip Series Pencil 12 Pack

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Road Trip Series Pencil 12 Pack

Ready to lose the map and explore the open road? From the east to the west and everything in between, the world is waiting so get out there and explore...

• 4 EMBRACE THE DETOURS in Dark Blue with white printing
• 4 EXPLORE THE OPEN ROAD in Dark Green with white printing
• 4 ENJOY THE JOURNEY in natural with blue printing

What a fun way to invite your best pal(s) on a road trip with you... sure to make all who see it smile! These pencils are perfect for all styles and methods of writing, including standardized tests, thanks to its Number 2 Graphite core. Great for sketching too!

12 pencils Hexagonal Number 2 • Graphite • Full size pencil with eraser • Unsharpened