Suitcase Stationery Gift Set

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Suitcase Stationery Gift Set

A little bit of this, a little bit of that! This super fun giftset not only looks great on the outside but is even more fun when you open it! With some personalized notecards, personalized notebook, 6 awesome pencils, an eraser and a sharpener! Everything one could need, really! 

Set comes with this delightful kraft suitcase, keep it kraft or decorate it as you wish! Comes with a lovely ribbon wrapping that reads CREATE HAPPINESS. Completely ready for gift-giving!

• Kraft Suitcase with ribbon and shred
• 6 pencils in a pack
• 1 eraser
• 1 sharpener
• 1 Personalized Notebook (4.25 x 5.5, with 20 blank, unlined pages)
  Choose a cover style from our personalized section
• 12 Personalized Note cards with 12 Envelopes
  (4.25 x 5.5 folded note cards, choose a style from our personalized section)

1) Hunter Green Paper Shred, shown
2) Natural Wood Excelsior Shred

Any 4 from the last image (3 cards from 4 designs, totaling 12 cards), you can view the details of each set within our Personalized Section, which can be found here,

Choose 1 design from any of the personalized note card designs, shown above as well.

You can choose any 6 pencils from our wide selection, which can be seen in greater detail here:


• Adventure First, Pizza Second, Red with white
• The Dude Abides, Kelly green with white - SOLD OUT
• Shut The Front Door!, Orange with white 
• Stay Classy..., Gold with white - SOLD OUT
• Son of a Bee Sting!, Yellow with purple
• I'm in a Glass Case Of Emotion!, Dark green with gold 
• I'm Kind of a Big Deal, Brown with gold
• Create Happiness, Natural wood with green 
• Adventure Awaits, Yellow with white - SOLD OUT
• Explore. Dream. Discover., Green with gold - SOLD OUT
• Embrace the Detours, Dark blue with white 
• Enjoy the Journey, Natural white with blue 
• Explore the Open Road, Dark green with white 
• Oh Happy Day, Natural with white
• All You Need is Love..., Red with silver 
• ...Love is All You Need, Pastel Pink with red 
• Do All Things with Love, White with red 
• It's Business Time, Black with gold - SOLD OUT
• I Blue Myself - Medium Blue pencils with white 
• I've Made a Huge Mistake, Dark blue with silver 
• I'm Mr. Manager!, Natural wood with black 
• Annyong! Orange with black (It's a Korean greeting, it's not the word Annoying)
• Hey Brother... Yellow with black 
• That's What She Said, Red with black 
• This Has Been in My Ear, Metallic dark red with white 
• Better Together, Light blue with blue
• Practice Makes Awesome, Yellow with blue
• I Want to Go to There, Dark purple with silver 
• What the What? Pink with blue
• Anchored in Love, Navy with silver - SOLD OUT
• Love Takes Flight, Red with gold 
• Our Greatest Adventure..., White with blue 
• You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid. Dark Green with silver 
• Bon Appetit. Black with Gold 
• The Chef is Always Right. Light Blue with gold 
• Kiss the Cook. Red with gold 
• You're Just Write, Silver with Red
• Treat Yo' Self! Black with Silver
• Gotta Risk it to Get the Biscuit, Dark blue with gold
• Pura Vida, Natural Wood with green
• Those... Aren't... Pillows!, Medium blue with black
• Winter is Coming, White with black
• Valar Morghulis, Black with gold
• Good Vibes Only, Silver with purple
• Make it Happen, Captain!, Red with silver
• Wake up, Kick Ass, Repeat, Kelly green with white
• Weekend, White with gold - SOLD OUT
• One Love, Orange with blue
• Be the Sunshine, Yellow with green
• #LoveWins, Green with gold
• We are the Dreamers of Dreams, Orange with purple 
• We are the Music Makers, White with purple 
• It All Started With A Mouse, Red with Black print
• I'll Never Desert You, Green with Gold print