4th Annual Sketchbook Challenge!

4th Annual Sketchbook Challenge!

Posted by Bridgette on 14th Sep 2017

It’s that time of year… our 4th annual sketchbook challenge is here! We’re doing things a little differently in hopes that it will be a little easier to keep to the challenge. It will be two weeks long, starting September 18th and will end on October 1st. The challenge requires one drawing per day, doesn’t have to be fancy. Can be simple, can be anything you want as long as it involves a sketchbook! The point is to be creative and do something artistic each day - to spread more art around! Make sure to share your drawing by tagging @earmark and by using the hashtag #earmarksketchclub on your day’s creations! We can’t wait to see what you create. Inspire us!

Notebooks and pencils on sale for the month!

Click the image below to visit our instagram page. This is where we will be posting our daily sketches. We put out two per day. One from myself, Bridgette and one from the other half of Earmark, Mike. Read About us, here.

4th Annual Earmark Sketchbook Challenge 2017

 Follow along and make sure to tag your drawing #earmarksketchclub!