Pura Vida Tropicale Notebook

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Fantastic notebooks.

Pura Vida! - Part of our Tropicale line this notebook will leave you lusting for a jungle adventure! This notebook design was inpsired by our recent trips to Costa Rica. The first moment I walked through a jungle I fell in love, instant love. I had never realized I had been missing the jungle until that first moment. Now I dream of exploring to the sounds of the monkeys overhead, the smell of the hibiscus flowers lingering in the air, the warmth of the lushness that engulfs you. Oh, I love it all, dirty feet, weird bugs... There's just something so magically natural about it all that it is hard to imagine a world outside of the green. It truly is PURA VIDA. 


• 1 Pura Vida Notebook
• 30 recycled text weight, unlined sheets (60 pages)
• Heavyweight Cover, Recycled White
• 4.25" x 5.5" / pocket-size
• Handmade by Us
• Made in America

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