4 Traveler Series Notebooks

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4 Traveler Series Notebooks

Never forget a moment while out on the open road... This set of pocket-sized notebooks make for great companions while you are gazing out the window on your train from Switzerland to Italy. Inspired by the beauty? Don't want to forget a hotel name? I use these journals on all my travels (which is why they were even created in the first place)! These conveniently sized notebooks always fit in my handbag, tote or backpack, heck I can even slide it right into my pocket! I can often find my husband sketching in his notebooks. When I am cleaning out drawers I often find a journal from our travels and it always makes me smile. Such nice documentation of wonderful days and funny moments I certainly would have forgotten about as time goes on.

These handmade pocket journals are perfect for taking notes on the go or using as a sketchbook. Why choose just one when you can have four of our most-popular notebooks for the price of three! 

• 1 Tortuga
• 1 Open Road
• 1 Journey
• 1 Destination

• 30 recycled text weight, unlined sheets (60 pages)
• Heavyweight Cover, Recycled White
• 4.25" x 5.5" / pocket-size
• Handmade by Us
• Made in America

 Thank you for supporting handmade! / Create Happiness™ / All designs created by Earmark Social Goods, 2014.