Keep your favorite recipes well documented and organized with our super duper recipe cards. Rate them, describe them, categorize them... anything you want! We gave you room to leave the most important details with your special recipes!

Set comes with this delightful kraft recipe box, keep it kraft or decorate it as you wish! Comes with a lovely ribbon wrapping and a fun little utensil (see options below). Completely ready for gift-giving!

• 24 Recipe Cards
• 4" x 6" Flat cards
• Mix and match the styles below or choose 24 of your favorite style!
• Cards come packaged in a lovely kraft recipe box.
Inside the box the cards are tucked in with some natural wood shred or a hunter green shred. The outside of the box is wrapped with a lovely ribbon (you choose the style from the two in the photos) as well as a super cute whisk or a fun wooden spoon, both can be used in the kitchen or as a unique ornament! Also included is a hand-written note tag that will be tied in with the ribbon.

RIBBON OPTIONS: (Choose Below)
1) Red Burlap Ribbon with Blue and Red Bakers Twine
2) Red and Blue Bakers Twine, wrapped as shown

1) Wooden Spoon
2) Metal Whisk

FILLER OPTIONS: (Choose Below)
1) Natural Wood Excelsior Shred
2) Hunter Green Paper Shred

RECIPE CARD OPTIONS: (Can be found in the recipe card section)
• Paprika
• Cilantro
• Mustard Seed
• Doily
• Utensils 
• Sunny Day, Vertical in white
• Sunny Day, Horizontal
• Sunny Day, Vertical 
• Tea Time Retro
• Tea Time Vintage
• Tea Time Modern 

If you do not make any selections upon checkout we will send you a recipe gift box of our choice.

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