Cork Zippered 18 Pencil Gift Set

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Fantastic gift set!
Wonderful Pencil and Bag Gift set! These handmade cork bags are so cool. Love the bags with their fun interior fabric choices. Such a fun gift idea for anyone that might be in your hard to shop for category.
With the ability to mix and match your own set of pencils this pencil gift set is just fun-fun-fun! Make 'em laugh, make 'em cry... you choose!

This set includes:
18 pencils, of your choice (see choices below)
1 Moustache Pen (assorted style)
1 Globe eraser
1 Metal Pencil Sharpener
1 Globe Keychain

The pouches are 9" x 5" and are available in four different color combinations. Please choose your pouch color before checkout.

Pink with checkered interior -  SOLD OUT
Yellow with royal blue interior
Turquoise Blue with black and white bunny interior
Lime Green with Multi-colored Guatemalan interior
These lovely cork bags are handcrafted by the fine folks at Speakeasy Travel Supply! I strongly suggest you check them out. Their Hidden-Pocket Infinity Scarf is the absolute bees-knees! Seriously!

A Fantastic Gift Set! Give something unique, handmade and awesome this holiday season! Great gift for Yankee Swaps and Secret Santa. Great for your Best Friend, Mom, Grandma, Teacher Anyone!

• The Dude Abides, Kelly green with white 
• Shut The Front Door!, Orange with white 
• Stay Classy..., Gold with white 
• Son of a Bee Sting!, Yellow with purple 
• I'm in a Glass Case Of Emotion!, Dark green with gold 
• I'm Kind of a Big Deal, Brown with gold 
• Create Happiness, Natural wood with green 
• Adventure Awaits, Yellow with white 
• Explore. Dream. Discover., Green with gold 
• Embrace the Detours, Dark blue with white 
• Enjoy the Journey, Natural white with blue 
• Explore the Open Road, Dark green with white 
• Oh Happy Day, White with gold 
• All You Need is Love..., Red with silver 
• ...Love is All You Need, Pastel Pink with red 
• Do All Things with Love, White with red 
• We Are What We Make, Metallic blue with silver 
• It's Business Time, Black with gold 
• I Blue Myself - Medium Blue pencils with white 
• I've Made a Huge Mistake, Dark blue with silver 
• I'm Mr. Manager!, Natural wood with black 
• Annyong! Orange with black (It's a Korean greeting, it's not the word Annoying)
• Hey Brother... Yellow with black 
• That's What She Said, Red with black 
• This Has Been in My Ear, Metallic dark red with white 
• Better Together, Light blue with blue 
• Practice Makes Awesome, Yellow with blue 
• I Want to Go to There, Dark purple with silver 
• What the What? Orange with purple 
• Anchored in Love, Navy with silver 
• Love Takes Flight, Red with gold 
• Our Greatest Adventure..., White with blue 
• You'll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid. Dark Green with silver 
• Bon Appetit. Black with Gold 
• The Chef is Always Right. Light Blue with gold 
• Kiss the Cook. Red with gold 
• Treat Yo' Self! Black with silver
• Winter is Coming, White with black
• Gotta Risk it to Get the Biscuit, Dark blue with gold
• Pura Vida, Natural Wood with green
• Those... Aren't... Pillows!, Medium blue with black
• Winter is Coming, White with black
• Valar Morghulis, Black with gold
• Good Vibes Only, Silver with purple
• Make it Happen, Captain!, Red with silver
• Wake up, Kick Ass, Repeat, Kelly green with white
• Weekend, White with gold
• One Love, Orange with blue
• Be the Sunshine, Yellow with green
• #LoveWins, Red with gold
• We are the Dreamers of Dreams, Orange with purple
• We are the Music Makers, White with purple

Create Happiness™