Bear Fabric Oval Art Print

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Bear Fabric Oval Art Print
Grizzly bears are the true monarchs of the wilderness. As a predator at the top of the food chain and an indicator species, they are a symbol of a healthy ecosystem. Where they roam undisturbed by humans, wilderness exists. By preserving grizzlies in the wild, we also preserve the habitat they need to survive. Grizzlies are ninety-nine percent gone from the lower forty-eight states as compared to populations from a century ago. Keeping these animals as a part of the natural ecosystem is healthy for all species, including humans. 
- Grizzly Discovery Center ( 

This lovely illustration was done by Mike Berndt of Earmark. The design is simple and perfect. The print is printed on a heavy cotton twill fabric. Each print is then presented in a lovely wood-grain flexible oval frame with a ring so you can hang it with ease. (Frame is not actual wood). 

This whimsical piece is perfect for gift-giving. No framing needed, just open, hang and enjoy. 

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• 8x10 - Printed on heavy cotton twill fabric
• Ships in a well-protected mailer
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